Man’s REAL Best Friend:The Beauty of Platonic Relationships with Women by @iquell

“Bitches Ain’t Shit” (Dr. Dre), “Loyal” (Chris Brown), “Don’t Save Her”(Project Pat), “What These Bitches Want”(DMX). These are some of the most memorable and fun songs of my generation. Amazing beats, catchy hooks, beloved artists.

As great as these songs are (I regrettably know ALL the words to B.A.S), they definitely don’t do anything to make women appear to be great romantic partners, let alone good friends. In fact, aside from a few Bonnie and Clyde type references, I can’t think of many songs that speak about men’s appreciation for women as ‘just friends’. So, in the spirit of International Women’s Day I’m blocking all songs like the one’s mentioned above from my mind and I’m showing love to the real BFF’s.


The Electrifying Adventures of Mr. Powers by @BmoreSlick

Today is the last day to pre-order the new children’s book, The Electrifying Adventures of Mr. Powers, created by friend of the family Stephen McGill II and illustrated by Ronald Campbell Jr. Here’s the intro to our hero’s origin story.

Personal trainer with the frame of a pro football safety. Bronzed brown skin and a glowing white smile. Single father of two. Drives a fly car with huge exhaust pipes and licorice colored windows. Super cool and easy to get along with.  A good role model to kids in the neighborhood. Work first so you can play afterwards, that was his motto.   Considered a Super Dad by almost all that knew him.  Shawn Powers was his name.  His life was anything but typical, and he enjoyed every moment of it.

Pick up one here for the young ones in your life and check out for all the other details.

How to handle the dreaded “what are we/we doing?” Question

Men dread the question “what are we?” or “what are we doing?” from their lover, mate, friend etc. Actually, neither men nor women want to hear it because if you’re not the person asking then obviously your satisfied being umm…whatever you are.

The “what are we?” convo always comes at the most awkward and unexpected time. If you’re
around your clueless mate the question is preceded by an eerie, deep, thick silence then
she just lays it on as you as you’re enjoying  a good foreign film on Netflix. Not only are you bothered because you can no longer keep up with the subtitles but it also dawns on you that this Netflix moment probably won’t end with any chill.


@_Solesense Pre-Show Recap

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This past weekend Here Comes the Good Part had the opportunity to lend services and support to the SoleSense Pre-Show. is an online women’s sneaker boutique founded by Baltimore native Brittney Williams. Plenty of Baltimore’s fashion influencers and footwear fans stopped by to get a sneak peek at what’s to come and to show off some of their own sneaker heat. Be sure to follow SoleSene on Twitter, Instagram and sign up for the mailing list here  (more…)