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Oh No Lawrence! What is You Doing???

The emasculation seen around the world

By Greg Conaway


“Boy! You didn’t see they were fetishizing you???” in some variation tumbled down my twitter feed during episode 4 of Insecure’s second season. Women were the authors of those tweets and they were right. Lawrence was purchased for $46.92 and a couple innocent white girl smiles—I know that is extreme, but think about it. Poor choice Lawrence.



It’s the Real Interviews Roc-A-Fella. The Recap.

Our favorite Hip-Hop nerds’ rap to the Roc

By Icy Johnson aka William I. Holla aka Icillio Sparks “bbrrraaaap brbraaaaaap bbbrraaaaaappp”


Record labels come and go without leaving a mark on the music business, Roc-A-Fella Records wasn’t one of those labels. “We wanted to give one of our favorite record labels flowers while they can still receive them” said Eric Rosenthal aka ItsTheRealEric as he and his brother Jeff Rosenthal aka ItsTheRealJeff were interviewing some of the people who help build Roc-A-Fella to the one of the most beloved record labels ever.


Lil Chano from 79th is giving the Chicago Public School System a million chances to succeed

Chance the Rapper is donating a Million dollars to his hometown’s school system

by @icyjohnson


One of Chicago’s favorites son’s is putting his money where his mouth is by giving back to the youth. “Our kids should not be held hostage because of political positions” said the 23-year-old rapper. At his press conference to announce the donation he mentioned that he had a call scheduled with another Chicago rapper Common to discuss the raising of funds.


WHEN CUFFING SEASON GOES WRONG  (honestly it may not be for you…) by @icyjohnson

Cuffing Season, that hip term “Black Twitter” came up with about 5-6 years ago that describes that time period right after Thanksgiving to around the middle of March and could be extended depending on how bad the weather is. We see the memes, “The Cuffing Season Draft” with references to the timeline of a football season. It looks and sounds cool.


Is it really a thing? Cuffing season that is? I mean yes, this time of year is when people find someone or (a few people) to chill and spend quality time with, have good sex with and watch good movies with. Find those cool TV shows to watch together. You’re spending a good amount of time with someone that may not have ever seen you in the summer time. Because in the summer time you’re “outchea”, you don’t have time to be stationary with anyone. There’s a lot more outside activities and events to attend and find someone for (clears throat) “cuffing season”.

The cycle never ends.


Louis Vuitton x SUPREME by @icyjohnson

“Draped in Saint Laurent & Supreme, the amount

of money that spend on what I want is obscene”

by G-Eazy

Since 1994 Supreme has been consistently releasing quality goods; skate decks, skate accessories, hoodies, sneakers, backpacks, coats and other items. Known primarily as a skate shop who collaborates with Nike, Vans, The North Face, Commes Des Garcons, Playboy and many other brands, in the streetwear fashion world Supreme is the high end luxury brand. Up until now Supreme could only be paired with high end designers in a nice lay like G-Eazy states above.

But not anymore…

The “Louis Vuitton x Supreme” Capsule Collection just showed at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. I understand the hype around Supreme, but this collaboration solidifies that streetwear can be on the same level as high end. We have seen streetwear’s influence on the runway the past 8-10 years from designers like Ricardo Tisci, Hedi Slimane, Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens with high fashion-streetwear inspired designs.


Get a closer look at all the pieces from the Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection here.


The collaboration is accessory heavy considering that’s the strength of Louis Vuitton; pieces include backpacks, folios, bandanas, LV keep-all’s and the signature LV trunks with the Supreme logo crashing the party. The pieces are what you would expect from a collaboration including Supreme. Heavy logo-laced goods and superb craftsmanship are staples from both brands. Simplicity is the key to Supreme’s success, so even though its logo is famous, it’s not overbearing to the LV logo. The accessories are really good (and really bad); the Keep-All is my favorite, with a huge Supreme logo emblazoned on a finely crafted Louis Vuitton bag.

This is probably the most important collaboration in fashion history. The line between streetwear and high end fashion was erased.; however the clothing didn’t blow me away. It will be interesting to see who wears it because a lot of it isn’t the look of the traditional Supreme customer/fan boy, with the oversized pieces; blazers jackets and trousers. Even the denim jackets are oversized. The sneakers, key chains, bandanas, scarves, box logo tee, 5 panel, duffle and backpack will probably be the pieces seen most in the streets. Most of them are very good. The shades are not poppin’ at all. The ‘hypebeasting’ will be in another stratosphere. Because of the magnitude and how hard it is to believe this collaboration happened, most of it looks fake. It’s gonna be interesting once these pieces hit the streets. The Supreme Resellers are gonna have a field day with this collection.

I have seen reviews where people expected a more refined collection, but with two brands that are most known for their logos I’m not sure what was really expected.