Oh No Lawrence! What is You Doing???

The emasculation seen around the world

By Greg Conaway


“Boy! You didn’t see they were fetishizing you???” in some variation tumbled down my twitter feed during episode 4 of Insecure’s second season. Women were the authors of those tweets and they were right. Lawrence was purchased for $46.92 and a couple innocent white girl smiles—I know that is extreme, but think about it. Poor choice Lawrence.

Lawrence has had his ups and downs with women, he wasn’t stepping up to the plate with Issa. Lounging on the couch for a couple years hoping his App idea pop off. He wasn’t laying the proper sex game down and forgetting her birthday. Issa no longer saw the man she moved in with she saw the fractured black man who needed something to jumpstart his life again.

Issa was fed up, as she should have been with her boyfriend. He wasn’t stepping up to the plate like she needed him to mentally or physically. She was frustrated and disgusted with him to the point that she entertained Daniel (an ex) and 1 thing led to a very intimate music studio session.

By this time Lawrence has been able to get a job at Best Buy gain the interest of a “Pretty Hot And Tempting” bank teller named Tasha. He also was able to secure a job in his desired field, so our boy was getting his mojo back. Then he finds out Issa cheated—#IssaHeartbreak. Lawrence left his Best Buy shirt at Issa’s apartment and dug deep into Tasha’s soul. It was “The Smash Heard Around The World”—#LawrenceHive is born. Lawrence felt good about himself again, he picks up the remnants of his pride that was hurt by Issa. But now he is confused about his feelings for her, that led to the “20 Seconds of Fury” sex romp they had on Issa’s couch. Poor choice Lawrence.

But now Lawrence has a “are we? or aren’t we?” situation with Tasha that leads to a family reunion invite that he really wants to decline. He attends with her but leaves quickly and never returns and this prompts Tasha to inform him that he’s a “Fuck Nicca who thinks he’s a Good Dude”—#LawrenceHive takes a hit. It was tough to watch, we felt her pain. Lawrence has been wild wish washy out here with his life choices man. He knew he didn’t want to be with Tasha.

You would think Lawrence was done making poor life choices. Nope. He was pulled over by a cop and didn’t see his credit cards fall out of his wallet when retrieving his license for the officer. So, when he was checking out at the market and was unable to pay for the drinks for him and his boys the kind young snowflakes behind him offered to pay. He declined. They persisted and he allowed them. They finessed the homie back to their crib and next thing he knows he was in the middle of a “BBC fetish fantasy”. He was able to satisfy one of the women but didn’t have enough stamina to satisfy the second. At this point they gave absolutely no fucks for his manhood, feelings and/or ego because they proceed to reminisce on the other “BBC’s” who were able to satisfy both of them. Particularly Lamarcus. Lawrence just laid there as they discussed their next move—They are talking dinner and party plans as he just sulked there in his emasculation. I mean they thought they would be enjoying him a little while longer, but that wasn’t the case. Lawrence should have known he wasn’t orgy guy. It sounds great, but it’s not for everybody.

First, he’s told he’s a “fuck nicca”, now this? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. At the end of season 1, Lawrence sparked a revolution on social media. Now as women always do, they find a way to deflate our joy. Then we had to watch as Lawrence told his boy a not so accurate account of his ménage a trois.

Maybe now Lawrence will see he needs to analyze his feelings and emotions to decide what and/or who he wants. Will it be Tasha? Issa? Or does he need to be single and see a therapist? Actually, a therapist should be first before does anything. But if he keeps making these poor life choices he will have a messier life than Issa.



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  1. Interesting take on Lawrence… I like how you didn’t leave out how Issa felt and should have felt. Unfortunately, we are always frowned upon when we (Issa) act out instead of the man this time, which gave birth to the #LawrenceHive. I understand where Issa is coming from. Not easy being faithful and not being fulfilled mentally, spiritually and physically. But I sympathize for Lawrence. Just showing where his heart still is. His pride is hurt and he had to prove that he still was the man just to find out that he’s not “about that life”.

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