Highlights from a rant on Loving Friendships by @iquell

Earlier this week I fired off a stream of consciousness rant on twitter sparked by a chance run in with one of my really good friends from high school. Below are some of the stand out tweets…follow me at @iquell for the full story

She says “thats right u can’t share your plans/dreams w/ everyone cause they’ll try to talk u out of it” she’s absolutely right. – 8:44 am

You can have the greatest friendships at a distance and not so great friends in close proximity. –  8:48 am

How often do you tell your friends I love you? Do you even love the people you claim as close friends? –  8:55 am

If we been in a fight together …I say I love you on sight. Even when the fight was your fault. – 8:57 am


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