The Rolex Mentality by @iquell

(an article posted by iquell from Medium, follow all his post here)

My friend has a Rolex. I don’t know if it was a gift from our other friend that played 8 years in the NFL or just a gift to himself for all his hard work (he worked more OT than anyone I know back then). Either way, it’s really nice and well deserved. No diamonds or exotic metals but it stands out. He showed it to me about 5 or 6 years ago, maybe longer. At the time my priorities were out of wack and I was actually shopping for a used Rolex via, a popular flash sale site. I told him that I’m not really a watch guy but I’m not buying another watch until I can buy a Rolex. That sentiment still holds true today and with my priorities in proper order I know that I’m not anywhere near buying a Rolex, new or used.

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Well the price of tea in China may change but a Rolex still holds it value. It may even appreciate. In the past year or so I’ve been having my personal ups and downs, so much so that I felt like I’ve lost value. That my figurative “price” has declined. Lately I’ve been getting back to my better self and I see that I still have the same core values. I look at my wrist and I’m still wearing the same Timex I had on when I was talking to my friend about Rolexes, except today I have on a swanky new watch band courtesy of J.Crew. That’s a clear reminder to me that I am who I say I am. That I appreciate the same things, adhere to my same principles, and project the same valuable “Rolex mentality”. Getting a Rolex watch doesn’t make me a better person or prove my worth but my “Rolex mentality” shows that it doesn’t matter who’s judging me, even when I’m judging myself, even if I feel like I’m in the dumpster, I’m still worth what I SAY I’m worth! I’m well respected. I’m to be handled with care. I’m undeniably valuable. And you are too!

You are undeniably valuable. You may feel underappreciated. You may feel like you’ve been trashed. You may feel like all the Audemar’s and Patek’s are getting all the love in rap songs but that doesn’t change your actually value. When you’re being your best self and/or making improvements you are valuable. Highly valuable. Now if you still don’t feel valuable then you need to reevaluate, put forth better effort, make better contributions, make sure your Roley doesn’t “tick tock”.

Ask anyone, like myself, wearing a Timex if they would decline the offer of a free authentic Rolex. HELL NO! You know why? Because even though it cost them nothing, they already know the value of a Rolex and the feeling that would come with possessing said value.

So if you’re down remember you’re valuable despite what anyone says or tries to do to you. Remember what you’re made of, get back to handling yourself with care. Dust yourself off, find a place on your own shelf for your good watches. Now grab that watch off the shelf and follow the instructions of the late great Notorious B.I.G “Throw your Rolies in the sky!”


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