Quinzel presents “PHARRELL”


Last night our founder iQuell had the honor of doing a special guest aux set during #PlaylistTuesday at Sangria down in the city’s center of Mt. Vernon.

#PlaylistTuesday started out as an event tagged as “Behind the Music”. Then our partner in nightlife crime, EventsbyQ, came through and put the sauce on it.  Now its become one of,  no the ONLY hot Tuesday night happy hour. EventsbyQ decided to get the guests involved with this event by handing over the aux cord and guess who got first dibs.

If you have Tidal you can click below listen to the “Quinzel presents PHARRELL ‘The Legend of Skateboard P’ ” setlist from last night at #PlaylistTuesday. Make sure you’re there next week and every Tuesday for half off all drinks all night and a new setlist from an up and coming aux gawd!

Quinzel presents “PHARRELL”




Below is the final installment of my testimony on how becoming vegetarian has made me a better man. Check out part 1 and part 2 where I share my physical, spiritual and emotional improvements.


“Smarten up, Open the Market up” (Mental Improvements)


I won’t say that becoming a vegetarian has increased my brain capacity and made me some genius brainiac but it has helped me improve on how I apply the little that I do know. I spend a lot of time reading ingredients so that I can understand not just what I’m eating but how it helps or doesn’t help me. In doing such I’ve learned more about foods that I already love that help my brain:


  • Broccoli – Most of the time I eat broccoli in salads or stir fry because I don’t like it overcooked. I don’t even know if it taste good or bad I’m just used to it now. It’s high in vitamin K and choline and improves your memory. Actually Ginkgo Biloba is even better for your brain but that doesn’t really make for a good side dish or creamy soup does it?



The following is a continuation of my testimony on how becoming vegetarian has made me a better man. Trying to document all my changes took quite some time so I broke it into different parts to make it easier to read. Go check out part one right now if you haven’t already.  My mental improvements may be the most interesting change so I’m saving the best for last. Right now let’s dive into my emotional and spiritual improvements.


*Sheds thug tear* (Emotional Improvements)


Although I haven’t taken an emotional I.Q. test recently I know mine has increased since becoming a vegetarian. How do I know? Because I haven’t slapped anyone in 4 years! Just kidding, I’m aware of it because I’ve developed a lot more empathy for others due to my sacrifices and scrutiny from people unfamiliar with being vegetarian. Empathy is possibly the single greatest  thing I’ve learned through vegetarianism. Through my discipline and sacrifice I’ve learned to connect more to other people’s circumstances whether it be voluntary or involuntary.


You May Not Be Trash But You Should Take Out Your Garbage : How becoming vegetarian made me a better man (Pt. 1)

I’m not quite sure when it happened but over the last 2 or 3 years the word “trash” has become the go to adjective to describe things we don’t like or approve of. “In & Out Burger is trash!”, “Sprint cell phone service is trash!”, “Mumble rap is trash!” and if you’re like me and you spend way too much time on Twitter you’ve definitely seen “MEN ARE TRASH!” once or 100 times. Calling something trash is mostly hyperbole because nothing is as trashy as people say it is…well maybe a few things. “Trash” has become so good as a negative classifier it’s now the best was to discredit or even offend someone. Let me share something with you all, no one is really trash but we all have a few trashy characteristics. Some of us have more than others. The good thing is that when you know you’re a bit trashy you can start taking out your garbage and cleaning up immediately. I started taking my garbage out 6 years ago when I became vegetarian and today I’m the best man I’ve ever been.


Oh No Lawrence! What is You Doing???

The emasculation seen around the world

By Greg Conaway


“Boy! You didn’t see they were fetishizing you???” in some variation tumbled down my twitter feed during episode 4 of Insecure’s second season. Women were the authors of those tweets and they were right. Lawrence was purchased for $46.92 and a couple innocent white girl smiles—I know that is extreme, but think about it. Poor choice Lawrence.


It’s the Real Interviews Roc-A-Fella. The Recap.

Our favorite Hip-Hop nerds’ rap to the Roc

By Icy Johnson aka William I. Holla aka Icillio Sparks “bbrrraaaap brbraaaaaap bbbrraaaaaappp”


Record labels come and go without leaving a mark on the music business, Roc-A-Fella Records wasn’t one of those labels. “We wanted to give one of our favorite record labels flowers while they can still receive them” said Eric Rosenthal aka ItsTheRealEric as he and his brother Jeff Rosenthal aka ItsTheRealJeff were interviewing some of the people who help build Roc-A-Fella to the one of the most beloved record labels ever.


“Hatching Ideas” Editorial

Here Comes the Good Part drops a editorial debuting a new piece from it’s expanding range of in-house merchandise.  The  new merch includes short and long sleeve t-shirts with featuring “the Good Part” word logo at the left chest and a bold “GP” logo on the back.  Shirts are available in grey and black in limited quantities.

Have a look at the full editorial below  (more…)